The Woodlands & Whatnot (T-minus 26 Days)

Firefly Music Festival is about to take on its sixth return to Dover, DE.  With the exception of last year, I have attended as a volunteer or regular festival-goer every time.  In a little less than an hour, I’ll take off for my fifth taste of The Woodlands, and I can’t wait.

Concert-going is one of my favorite night-out activities.  It doesn’t have to be terribly expensive (especially if you win your tickets from a local radio station like 103.1 WRNR, my personal favorite), and every performance is unique.  There’s a weird, beautiful sort of intimacy that develops when you watch musicians perform and feel the bass in your chest.  There’s nothing like the chills that singe through your body when that perfect harmony is created right in front of you or when you get to hear one of your all-time favorite songs live for the first time ever.  This year, I’ve had the fortune of seeing some incredible live music.  To name a few highlights: The Red Hot Chili Peppers (twice), The Flaming Lips, Dawes (twice), The Shins, Live, The New Pornographers, and Explosions in the Sky.

Anyway, tonight is about setting up our camp.  Tomorrow, the music starts.  Kaleo and Maggie Rogers are high on my excited-to-see list.  As the weekend progresses, I’ll be looking forward to Chance the Rapper, Bishop Briggs, Hamilton Leithauser, The Shins, Muse, and of course, Kesha (lol).  It’s set to be a pretty incredible time, and I’m glad that I have this one-month break between QACPS letting out and my leaving for Honduras so that I can make it happen.

Here’s to live music, friends, camping, and 4.5 days of Firefly!


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