Friends, Family, & (a little bit of) Packing: T-Minus 2 Weeks

As I prepare to begin my 2017-2018 journey with BECA, I have been reconciling my warring feelings: excitement for the possibilities and fear of missing out on everything and everyone back home.  The first half will certainly outweigh the latter in the long-run, especially since I know that I will be back in less than a year from now.  Still, in order to help prepare for any homesickness that I will feel while away, I’ve been seeking solace in the most obvious way: spending time with friends and family.

Here are a few highlights from the last week and a half:


Last time that I wrote an entry, I was about to hop in the car to go to Firefly Music Festival.  Now that I’m back (and have been for over a week now), I can easily say that it was an awesome weekend.



I’ve spent some time with my two favorite dogs: Jesse & Ralph.



I had lunch with THE Mrs. Kathy Terry, one of the most influential figures from my high school years.  We exchanged stories, and she shared a photo (see above, right) from my junior year when I began helping with the school blood drives.  I wish we had taken a new selfie together, but see the pic (above, left) for a flashback to my high school graduation night.



Shane surprised me and made it possible for us to see U2 with The Lumineers at FedEx Stadium.



On Saturday, I got to see some of the best of friends (three of which are in the picture with me above).  We ate sushi, drank some beverages, and watched some fabulous live music.  Thanks guys for coming out!


50D871E8--2Today, my mom, brother, grandmom, aunt, uncle, and I enjoyed some fine food together.  (Not pictured:  Uncle Barry, fresh from his final PT session after getting a double knee replacement)


In just two weeks and two hours, I will land at the San Pedro Sula airport just outside of the business capital of Honduras.  I will finally get to meet my fellow teachers for the year and begin to reacquaint myself with the beautiful town of Cofradia.

As I wrap this entry up, for those of you who are completely unfamiliar with Cofradia, check out this video featuring a community hero:

The setting of this video will be my home from July through mid-June 2018.  Cofradia, I’m coming for ya!


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