Summer Prep

Home, Sweet Home!

I’ve officially moved into my more permanent residence for the rest of the year.  I’m in “Flag-partment,” one of the three sets of rooms on the third floor of a building in the center of town.  This will be extra convenient once street zumba nights start up again. Anyway, our place isn’t the only one with a name; there is Cat-partment, Boss Apartment, Base Apartment, etc.  As I’m sure you can guess, I am once again completely in love with the view, and I certainly won’t struggle to wake up in the morning, since the sun shines right on in, lighting up our yellow-walled bedroom.



image000000 (5)

As to who I’m living with, I got to keep my same roommate from my home-stay, which is great news!  Nely is an impressive 20-year-old girl from a more southern department (departments are similar to US states, in a way), Intibucá.  Her family owns a strawberry farm there.  I’m in awe with her language learning ability, since she has been learning English for only the past two years, but is definitely proficient. I also share a living space with a returner, Sondra, who is from Washington (the state), and is the program manager for BECA.

image000000 (5)

Here is a breakdown of our living space:

To get to our floor, we take these lovely spiraling stairs (beware of them during a rainstorm; they get mighty slippery!):


Once you get to the third floor, our front balcony/walkway area is complete with a washer, dryer, and pila (which I’ll use to handwash some of my nicer clothes).  There’s also enough space to hang my hammock and read, which makes me happy.


From here, you go down a little hallway with separate living spaces on both sides and a third in the back:


Once inside of our apartment, you see our well-loved couch, bookshelf, dining/work table, and kitchen:

Here are some pics of the room Nely and I share.  You’ll notice that she is definitely less cluttered than I am already, but to be fair, I was still unpacking in some of these photos:


Overall, it’s a pretty sweet setup…with WiFi, a shower, and decent airflow. I’ve already started tackling my fear of using a match to light a gas stove; props to my SJBS administrator, Chris, for demonstrating how it’s done the first time around.  I’m also starting to recognize the importance of sweeping daily and mopping every couple days.  With having open windows, comes plenty of dust.  I also make sure to immediately wash dishes after using them because…well…ants.

One of my favorite parts of being in my own space now is that I am in charge of my own eating schedule (minus school lunches and Wednesday evenings).  This means I get to start experimenting with smoothies again.  Many of my go-to fruits and veggies (spinach, oranges, berries, etc.) are either hard to come by or too pricey (because they are imported) for a cheap-o like me.  My favorite new combo has been cucumber, banana, and pineapple (with a purified water base).  Yum.


I also love that the WiFi has been pretty steady (after the blip for the first few hours after moving in and this terribly difficult time I’ve had streaming Game of Thrones 20-some seconds at a time), so I’ve gotten to enjoy some video chats with folks from home.  My pup, Jesse, seemed to be a bit confused when she heard my voice, but didn’t see or smell me nearby. Poor girl.  I definitely miss her.


On a different note, I finally got to step foot in my classroom!  Here are some pics:

Hopefully the next time you see this space, it’ll be a lot more put-together.  I believe that’s another three or four weeks down the line.  Coming up before classroom-prep week: one last week of “summer institute” (aka teacher training), two weeks of “academy” (aka teaching practice and reflection), and a little team bonding trip.  The official first day of school for SJBS is August 22nd–officially less than a month away!

All this said, when I started this blog, I didn’t think I would manage to post but at most twice a month.  So far, I’ve been keeping up weekly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the frequency of my posts will slow once I get into teaching and trying to fit in some travel plans.  I suppose time will tell.  In the meantime, thanks for following along 🙂



8 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home!

  1. Oh so I have to tell you, the gas stove at the restaurant does have one pilot and the owners wife thought it would be a good idea if all of the servers worked a shift in the kitchen. Personally, I felt like I was on the showed pun’k each day! So we serve queso and it’s generally kept hot on the steam table but I needed get it hotter so I I threw it in a sauté pan to heat up and put it on the burner but I lit it with with the lighter. A few minutes later I saw a pan of queso on the back burner, the one with the pilot, but we didn’t have any tickets. I was like well maybe she’s trying to be prepared. So then she picks up the pan and the cheese has solidified to pan. So I ask what are you doing? She says heating it up. I say how? She says on the burner. I tell her it’s not on. She says yes it is, there is a flame. I then had to explain what I pilot was and that you actually have to turn it on for it to work! (Face palm)


    • Eek! I can’t say I know what I pilot is, but I’m assuming it’s the type of gas burner that just stays lightly lit or something? I’m face palming over the heartache that is ruined queso. The horror!


      • Wow…I didn’t realize that it was such an obscure thing but I think if you saw it you would understand. The pilot stays on all the time and then you turn the gas on and it lights the burner. All of our gass equipment have them…so we don’t have to light with a match or lighter. Don’t worry about the queso I make fresh daily!


  2. Good to see pictures of where you are living and will be working! I signed up GMom to follow your blog, too.


  3. You look so good. Happy to be hearing from you and reading these posts as often as I have. Also glad you’re having to sweep and do dishes as often as you do, and thinking it may just become a habit :)……. Love You ❤


  4. Wonderful to have this visit with you Meghan in your new place!! It seems that you are settling in . The best part of this is what you will bring to your students. Are the classrooms there expected to be as visually stimulating as classrooms here? Did you have to bring things with you ? I love your posts…Take good care my friend!


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